Why It’s Important To Have A Lawyer When Buying Or Selling Your Home

Why It’s Important to Have a Worcester Real Estate Lawyer When Buying or Selling Your Home

A young, growing family struggled with a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house for ten years. When they bought the house 12 years ago, it was perfect. But two kids, two cats, one dog, and one hamster later, they were out of room.

For three months, they looked for houses that met their criteria: 4 bedroom, 2.5 baths, updated kitchen, and 2 car garage. They found their dream home, put in an offer and went under contract.

The family sold their house quickly and the closings were scheduled on the same day for both houses. But, little did they realize, the nightmare was just beginning. Because the new house they were buying was priced out of their budget, they decided not to hire a lawyer for either the buying or selling transaction.

When the time came to close on their new house, a title problem arose. The closing was delayed four months. In the meantime, the family had to sell their home and move in with the husband’s family, 45 minutes away. Their children had to be driven to school each day and they lived out of boxes for the four long months.

What Could They Have Done?
Had the family hired an experienced Worcester, MA real estate lawyer, their problem would have been avoided. An experienced real estate attorney would require specific language inserted in each of the contracts making the sale of the property contingent upon the purchase of the property. Also, the title problem could have been averted. With an experienced attorney, the title would have been ordered and received much earlier than the day of the closing. 

The family soon realized that by doing things themselves, they incurred more expenses, headaches and frustrations than if they would have initially hired a lawyer. 

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Real estate transactions can be complex, expensive and time consuming as unexpected situations often arise. It’s important that you have the right advocate—an experienced Worcester, MA real estate attorney—by your side. 

Welcome to my Massachusetts real estate legal practice. My name is Jack Morrison. As your attorney, I will ensure that your real estate transaction is as cost-effective, convenient and efficient as possible from beginning to closing. 

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