My Story: Why a Mechanical Engineer Got Involved in Massachusetts Real Estate Law

by Jack Morrison on December 16, 2011

Everyone has a story, right? I’d like to share how (and why) I—a guy with a Mechanical Engineering background—got involved in Massachusetts real estate law.

After I graduated from college back in the 80s, I moved down to Connecticut with a college roommate where we started buying investment property. We’d move in, renovate, and eventually sell the property to turn a profit. The money, and the business, were good (at first anyway). My day job in the aerospace and sales fields eventually took me back up to Massachusetts, which is where my personal and professional life took a turn I wasn’t expecting.

See, I had bought an investment property but had problems keeping tenants. Constant vacancies were affecting my bottom line. Normally, you think of investors making a boatload of money. Unfortunately that’s not always the case. As hard as I tried to turn it around and get resources to help me, I never found anything helpful for people in my situation. Why does it end up that people always talk about success and rarely talk about the taboo topic of failure?

Anyway, I ended up losing the property to a foreclosure. After I went through the foreclosure, a totally foreign topic to me, I knew I wanted to get involved in real estate. To explore all the areas I could get into, I met with a commercial agent, residential agent, appraiser, management company, and finally a real estate attorney. And the attorney made the most sense of them all and resonated with me.

I went through law school, graduated, passed the bar, and started from square 1 trying to build my practice. Since then I’ve worked with clients across the spectrum—with both landlords and tenants, home buyers and sellers. I make sure each party understands their rights and I enjoy breaking down legal topics into easily understandable concepts based on how they apply to each individual’s situation.

Because I understand the practical end of real estate (I experienced both the ups and downs) and I know the legal end, I know where my clients are coming from. This is not only my specialty, it’s what I enjoy.

If you need a Clinton or Worcester real estate lawyer, I’d love to be of assistance. Call me, Attorney Jack Morrison, at 508-852-7800. Or, reach out via our contact form. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. 

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