downsizing your MA home

When Do You Decide to Downsize and Sell Your Home?

by Jack Morrison on April 6, 2017

photo of the word downsizing

The day you realize your house is no longer your home.

“The home is where your heart is…”

Gaius Plinius Secundus, A Roman Philosopher said about 2,000 years ago. (Thank you Google).

Your Home is where your family lives, sleeps, talks, eats, entertains, shelters, celebrates, cries, or otherwise exists.  It’s your solitude, your castle, your expression, your own little piece of the world.

Your home is full of life while kids grow up. It starts with birthday parties, holiday gatherings, cookouts, sporting events, school activities, and music classes.   Then turns into boyfriends, girlfriends, mood swings, school issues, testing boundries, teenage drama, and boosting bloodpressures. And then moves to college, move-out, move-in, growing up, and becoming responsible.    All of this happens too fast.

You remember someone telling you to cherish the times with your children… they go by too fast.

When kids move out, a quiet eeriness fills the void. The house is filled with memories, but not people.

You look back and remember the time you couldn’t wait to move to a larger home. Bigger yard, larger house, higher mortgage. It didn’t matter. It’s what you WANTED.

Now that the kids have gone, something is missing. Too much lawn, too big to clean, too expensive.

So as the season’s change, so should you.

It’s your turn.  It’s time for you.  You, the homeowner, decide.  What do you want to do?…Stay put or downsize?

Life moves forward, with or without you.

10 Reasons to Downsize Your Home:

  1. When your basement, or attic, is full of stuff that’s not yours;
  2. There are rooms in your home you haven’t been in for 30 consecutive days or more;
  3. When your taxes are more than $600 per month and none of your children attend elementary or high school in town.
  4. When your lawn service person or cleaning person is driving a better car than you.
  5. When you paint one room and realize the rest of the house needs to be done.
  6. When the stuff in your house gets to a point that you’re willing to pay to store it vs. having to decide what to keep or what to let go.
  7. While trying to find something, you look in every closet and realize how much sh** you’ve acquired.
  8. If your mortgage is paid or close to being paid – making your equity work for you and not working to gain equity.
  9. You finally get away from the nasty neighbor once and for all.
  10. When your goal is to simplify and realize that having personal belongings is not as important as creating new memories.

When your house no longer is your home, it’s time to downsize and sell.