We are currently in Week 4 of our monthly November series, “The Biggest Blunders of Home Buying” based on my popular free ebook for Massachusetts home buyers. I wrote this because I see first-time buyers making the same mistakes over and over. Our monthly series schedule is as follows:

  1. Finance First, Look Later
  2. Buy the Neighborhood or Location, Not the House
  3. Get Everything in Writing
  4. Get a Home Inspection
  5. How to Find the Right Attorney

If you missed one of the previous articles, feel free to check them out. Now on to our next topic: get a home inspection.

Biggest Blunder #4: Get a Home Inspection

I really wish I didn’t have to include this as one of my 5 biggest blunders. Getting a home inspection seems pretty obvious, right? I’m glad you think so. But you wouldn’t believe how many first-time buyers come to me due to problems they experience because they waived their right to a home inspection.

I have one rule about this: never, never, never, never NEVER buy a home without having it inspected.

If you’ve made an offer and are looking for a home inspector, you need to find a trusted professional who has an eye for detail, professional accreditation and relevant experience. This article by MSN Real Estate, 4 tips for finding the best home inspector, goes into an interesting explanation about why you shouldn’t always hire the first person your real estate agent recommends to you.

For my Worcester legal real estate clients, I recommend that they use a home inspection as a negotiating tool. I help them leverage this to make sure they achieve their goals.

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